It is Pulse DesignTech’s goal to grow globally while maintaining a Local Focus for our customers. In order to do this we work with Technical Sales entities that have both sales and support capabilities within their specific geographical locations. Our Sales Network Program specifies the different ways that we work with such organizations in building a mutually beneficial, Win-Win working arrangement.

Our Sales Network Program has three ways which we work with our distribution partners:


The Jobber option is a simple arrangement where we will pay a finders fee to an individual or technical sales entity for a referral or introduction to a customer.

The Jobber provides us with basic information on the account, contact information and project information.

In turn Pulse DesignTech pays the Jobber a one time “Finders Fee” based on  the value of the project. This is paid on the completion of a successful project in which Pulse has received the payment from the customer.


In a representative arrangement Pulse DesignTech signs a representative agreement with the Technical Sales group or Individual. This agreement would be for the Technical Sales group to handle all sales and support of Pulse DesignTech services with in a defined territory.

The Representative is responsible for marketing, sales, and support of Pulse DesignTech in the specified region. This would include direct customer visits, attending related trade shows, presenting to customers, associations, and user groups. The representative would also be responsible to work direct with the customers in defining the project, communicating the scope of work to the Pulse DesignTech Team, and reviewing the work before it is delivered to the customer.

The representative will have to meet certain requirements such as having 3D CAD systems, basic training on these systems, and have the ability to take an active role in supporting our customers in their regions.

Pulse DesignTech will pay commissions on a monthly basis on the projects or service value of all sales into the territory.

Back Office Support Agreement

In the Back Office Support Agreement, Pulse DesignTech works with the sales entity as their subcontractor. The sales entity may market services under their own name/company. In this arrangement Pulse will give a discount on services that will be competitive. We support other Design Service Companies, CAD VAR’s Looking to expand their product lines, and other technical support companies looking for ways to increase their income potential.