Engineer Hosting

Engineering Hosting


Pulse DesignTech Inc. hosts entire engineering teams. We provide infrastructure support (Facility, IT, Administration, HR & Payroll) to base your engineering team in our building for a flat monthly fee.

If you have tried or are considering developing your own offshore engineering resource, you know there are many challenges. We have been doing business in the Philippines for 15 years and understand the advantages and requirements.

The Philippines has a large pool of talented English speaking engineers of all disciplines. The culture and values are similar to the US and they are a base of manufacturing for many multi-national Fortune 100 companies.

We can help you recruit, train and manage your South East Asian engineering support team. Put your sign on the door and you are open for business.

Engineering Hosting

  • Educated/Experienced Engineers 100% dedicated to your needs
  • Lower Cost Structure
  • Improved Deliveries(work in multiple time zones)
  • Support Team for your Asian Operations
  • Customizable
  • Flexible Hardware & Software Implementation
  • Professional Administrative Infrastructure


How does PULSE fit in your Organization?

Engineering Hosting
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