2D to 3D Drawing Conversion

2D To 3D Drawing Conversion

2D To 3D Drawing Conversion


Converting two dimensional drawings to structured three dimensional CAD files yields many benefits.  Our experienced engineers deliver consistent, accurate 3D CAD files.
We start with a wide variety of 2D formats and convert them into fully detailed, parametric 3D SolidWorks models.  Pulse DesignTech can render standalone 3D models of any complexity, or produce parameter driven family div models that can be stored in clearly defined and structured libraries to avoid repetition of work.
Contact Us to discuss your specific requirements.  We can provide a sample based on your 2D drawing and quote your project.


  • Drawing Conversion
  • Legacy Data Conversion
  • Database Clean Up
  • ASME Y14.5 1994 GD&T Standard
  • Custom Standards

2D To 3D Drawing Convertion
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