CAD Services
We customize   our services to meet your needs.   Our professional team is flexible and adapts to your standards and methods.  We deliver first class results through concise project planning, work flow management and clear communication.
Product Design 3D Modeling
Parametric feature-based approach to creating models and assemblies.
2D to 3D Drawing Conversion
Convert from a variety of 2D formats into 3D models.

Detailing & Drafting
Optimize model layout, analysis, and manufacturability.

Design Animation
We can animate your designs for you to use in web based applications or for general sales or for general sale or manufacturing materials
Catalog and Technical Manual Development
With our recent investment in 3DVIA we now offer customers a wide range of Catalog and Manual Development services.

Design Automation & Solidworks API
Macros Automate repetitive tasks through carefully planned and implemented API's.

Engineering Hosting
We host your engineering team in the Philippines.

Overview of communication tools, file transfer procedures, and security.