Rear Axle Drive (RAD) Technology with the Use of SolidWorks

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Watling developed a snowmobile track with a rearward axle (Rear Axle Drive (RAD) technology) that, compared to traditional designs, provided faster acceleration, increase in top speed, reduction in stopping distance, superior cruising and cornering, and increase in fuel economy. He used SolidWorks to develop his current prototype machine and said that, by using SolidWorks, he was able to save time and to avoid making more physical prototypes. He also said that his machine will “carve like a snowboard, climb like a scared cat, launch like a dragster, crank in the corners, and stop like you snagged a fence.” In order to demonstrate the superior performance of the technology that he developed, he will soon try it on racing sleds later this year. He said that SolidWorks enabled him to take his design to its current level.

“SolidWorks User Wins Popular Science Invention Award.” 1 July 2010. 14 July 2010 <>.


SolidWorks Electrical and Fluid Engineering Software Package:


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Zuken announced E³.WireWorks 2010, the “electrical and fluid engineering software package” for SolidWorks users. E³.WireWorks is a “Windows-based, modular, scalable and intuitive system for the design of wiring, harnesses, cables assemblies, and cabinet and panel layout.” Its integration with SolidWorks allows users to easily transfer fluid connectivity, pipe, and equipment data between the two. Users can also save, apply to multiple projects, and activate user-friendly variants and options. Users can automatically update all design parameters on sheets, connections, pins, etc, on a new table format. Thus, changing designs is easier. An engineer can also continue to work on a design even if a component in not in the library. SolidWorks and Zuken provide innovations that allow small companies to try new ideas and become successful.

“Zuken Unveils E³.WireWorks 2010 for SolidWorks.” Ten Links. 24 June 2010. 15 July 2010 <>


SolidWorks for Developing Life-Saving Diagnostics Products

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With the use of SolidWorks, Kinematic Automation manufactures precision machines that make strips for testing diabetes, cholesterol, toxin, etc. Its goal is to be first to market the “most reliable, serviceable, and highest-quality machines.” As a result of using SolidWorks, the company gets to shorten the time to market, reduce the development cost, and lower scrap and rework costs.

“Kinematic Automation Uses SolidWorks to Automate the Manufacturing of Life-Saving Diagnostic Products.” CAD CAM News. 24 June 2010. 15 July 2010 <>.


SolidWorks Premium Capabilities

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SolidWorks Premium: Mechanical CAD Capabilities

  • SWIFT™ (SolidWorks Intelligent Feature Technology)
  • User Interface
  • Working with DWG Files
  • Part Modeling – Instant3D, DimXpert
  • RealView® Graphics
  • Advanced Surfacing and Complex Shapes – Freeform feature
  • Sheet Metal Design Tools
  • Weldment Design
  • Mold Design Tools
  • Assembly Modeling – MateXpert
  • Simulate Assembly Motion – SolidWorks Motion
  • Large Assembly Management Tools – “Lightweight” mode, SpeedPak technology, Quick View, Assembly Xpert
  • Data Translation
  • Design Reuse
  • Bill of Materials
  • Part Validation – SolidWorks Simulation, SolidWorks FloXpress™
  • Design Automation of Repetitive Tasks – SolidWorks Smart Component technology, DriveWorksXpress
  • Design Communication – eDrawings® Files, PDF Files, 3D Instant Website
  • Feature Recognition – FeatureWorks®
  • Standard Hardware Libraries – SolidWorks Toolbox, SolidWorks Design ClipArt, 3D ContentCentral
  • Photorealistic Rendering – PhotoWorks™, PhotoView 360
  • Design Standards Checking – SolidWorks Design Checker
  • Productivity Tools – SolidWorks Utilities, FeatureWorks
  • Simplify Parts and Assemblies
  • Leverage Scanned Data – ScanTo3D
  • Routed Systems – SolidWorks Routing
  • ECAD to MCAD Translation – CircuitWorks


SolidWorks Premium: Design Validation Capabilities

  • Tolerance Stack-up Validation – TolAnalyst
  • Assembly Simulation
  • Mechanism Simulation
  • Simulate Welded Structures


SolidWorks Premium: PDM Capabilities

  • Secure Access
  • Revision Control
  • Find Files


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