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Outsourcing, of which trust is the most vital part,7 is a “very positive way that many business owners have chosen to fight the recession.”5Offshore outsourcing is a “new age business concept that is expanding at an accelerated rate.” It is the “the collaboration of two or more companies situated in different locations.”11 Clients get outsourcing services because they have a need to lower costs, focus on their specialization, or make efficient use of their resources. Clients should consider the expertise of the people in an outsourcing company and the company’s track record.4

Many companies focus on a specific type of function, an expertise, such as fabrication, CAD, manufacturing, and others. Even if they have their own specialization, their core functions, they still need some non-core functions to keep them working properly. These non-core functions are sometimes repetitive, and instead of doing them, companies hand them to those who have the expertise to doing them. As a result, they can focus on their core functions and yet obtain high quality services on their non-core functions.9 This is simply “doing the right thing”13 if they want to improve their businesses.7

To be able to provide high quality products and services on core functions and receive high quality products and services on non-core functions is a great advantage, aside from other benefits such as lesser costs, lesser use of resources,7,9 lesser efforts in human resource management,12 and lesser time to finish a project.6 Cost savings come from lesser costs in manpower, materials, and equipment.4

Time had proven outsourcing to be an effective way to save costs and get high quality services. Outsourcing has survived and is continuing to be successful in different countries.13 It makes it possible for a company to hire professionals from other countries without the need for both the company and the employees to shift their home base. This is possible because of the existence of the internet.11They use all of the benefits that they can obtain from information technology and the internet.13 Employees rarely need to transfer places or countries to perform their duties. This is a boon for both of them because the company can get high quality services from trained professionals all over the world11 and gain access to latest technologies,2 and the employees get the advantage of working with international companies.11 As the saying goes, “Two heads are better than one.”7

When looking for outsourcing companies to do a particular function, clients prefer countries that have recognized education systems, technological edge, infrastructure with global standards, and mastery of the English language.9 Choosing a company is like choosing a suitor. The company must meet or, better yet, exceed the client’s standards and expectations. Everything must be under control and all tasks must be finished before the deadline. All details must be given utmost importance. And like in a relationship, trust is also very important in outsourcing.7 Most, if not all, of the transactions and exchange of information between an outsourcing company and its clients are done with great security and confidentiality.2

The following are four broad categories of outsourcing:11

  • Information Technology
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Software Development
  • Knowledge Process Outsourcing

CAD Outsourcing

CAD is a “service wherein the computer technology is used to aid in the design and drafting of a product as a whole or part.” It is a “symbol based and drawing based method of communications applicable for various technical fields like architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical, and electronics field.”8

Clients who are looking for an accurate and cost effective CAD services can find them in CAD outsourcing companies.3 Client’s businesses and projects become better.5 They can get a view of a structure before its actual manufacturing. Development of a project becomes easier.6 They can lessen some people management issues. As they grow, they can also scale up their teams easily. 12 They have a wide array of services to choose from. These services include analysis, CAD designing, CAD detailing, CAD rendering, among others. CAD designing is the “process for the preparation of the general structure of any product or services.” CAD rendering is the “process of conversion of a model into an image.”8 Architectural and engineering outsourcing companies give importance to the ease of operations and having low costs in developing projects.9 The methodologies that they use are proven to be suitable in performing drawing conversions and drawing digitization.10

CAD outsourcing is changing rapidly. It is now being openly discussed on meetings and conferences, and large companies and firms are now seriously considering it as an option. For startup companies or small group companies, they outsource because they are still in the process of “testing the waters.”1

For companies that are involved in a long term partnership, geographical location is not a hindrance to make the partnership a fruitful one.4 Problems always appear. But when that happens, it is very important to maintain sufficient communication between or among companies that are involved because it is the quality of work that is very much affected.7

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Outsourcing of Detailing and Drafting Services

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Assembly drawings, or mechanical assembly drawings, are “drawings detailing an engineering perspective view on a mechanism or physical, real-world-built object that is comprised of more than one part.” Assembly drawings are very useful for engineers who are dealing with complex mechanical devices. Creating assembly drawings have become improved with the recent improvements in 2D CAD drafting and detailing software. It is very vital that designs are visualized accurately and precisely so that the manufacturing stage will become successful and safer and the maintenance stage will become easier.


2D drafting and detailing is “an important aspect of any CAD tool.” The speed of creating 2D CAD drawings is a matter of great importance especially for projects that have 2D drawing end-results (aside from the fact that 2D CAD drawings are far easier to handle than paper design models). Detailing is an important part of any project, and it must be handled by professionals. Detailing and drafting services are very important in a potpourri of industries, and it is very important that drawings are easily understood by people who will use them. An improperly made drawing results to an increase in unnecessary overhead expenses.

If you are in a company that needs 2D drawings for your projects, it is better if you outsource your works to a company that is very competent in the expertise that you need. In that way, you can work harder for your specialty because other professionals are there to take care of your other needs. The technologies that they use are frequently being updated to improve the quality of their works. The resources it takes to manage your employees are lessened. This shows that outsourcing is a profitable economical solution. An outsourcing company that has demonstrated years of experience and has produced output of the finest quality in a timely manner is the best option for a client that values reliability, high quality, and time. Such outsourcing company has the capability to produce designs efficiently and without errors. A carefully planned and analyzed design prevents unnecessary costs to the people who will use it. As a conclusion, entrusting your detailing and drafting projects to professionals who have the capabilities to do them competently reduces your cost and improves your productivity despite tough economic conditions.




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CAD Outsourcing in the Philippines

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The Philippines is currently one of the “top three CAD Outsourcing countries in Asia alongside China and India.”1 There are many advantages in having an outsourcing company in the Philippines.8 It is filled with highly skilled people who work using developed infrastructures and leading communication technologies to provide high quality CAD drafting and documentation services.1 CAD professionals in the Philippines are gifted with dedication to their work, politeness, and good verbal and written communication in English, as proven by the country being the third English-speaking nation.2,7 An increasing number of Filipinos are further improving their communication skills in many more languages to be able to communicate better with people from different countries.3

Filipinos are multi-skilled and hard-working people. The Philippines is composed of different cultures, and thus, Filipinos are exposed to different cultural practices. This trained them to become extremely adaptable to different environments, even to varying multinational work environments.3 The Philippines has also a cultural affinity on how US conduct businesses. This is one the country’s strengths.6

More and more companies are realizing the importance of tapping skills of professionals from other countries to work for them because this increases their savings and earnings.3,8 This is in response to the rising cost of operations. The superior quality of the human resources in the Philippines and the low cost of its labor make it an ideal offshore outsourcing services provider.2,3 The Philippines is capable of supporting a viable business venture.5 It has proven to be competent especially in construction design outsourcing.4

During the 1990’s, Asia served as a low cost manufacturing outsourcing center.6 In recent years, it has been witnessing an increasing number of foreign direct investments. One of the countries that experience this trend is the Philippines. It took the country some time to improve and become a world class outsourcing nation. Now, it is continually growing and challenging India and China, the two leading outsourcing nations in Asia. Other Asian countries, such as Taiwan and Singapore, are also striving to be excellent and competitive enough to challenge India.2,6

Outsourcing in the Philippines is improving to provide continuous service; that is, working for long hours and, sometimes, working 24/7. The government plays an important role in the increase of outsourcing services in the country; the government is supporting multidimensional growth and education to produce more skilled professionals. Investors are getting benefits from the skills of Filipinos, and the country is also getting benefits from investors because of jobs that they provide. It is a mutual relationship between the two.2

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Outsourcing CAD: Is It Right For Your Business?

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Many small and medium sized businesses have engineering departments where the need for a minimal number of employees is a must.  To profit from a small or medium sized business, you need to control costs; this includes only hiring engineers that you will need on a regular basis.  Thanks to the Internet and ever improving global communication, there is a solution that integrates the finances of a small or medium sized business with the fluctuating needs of the engineering department.  The solution is managed outsource CAD.

Managed outsource CAD is a great asset to a small or medium sized business that has some in-house engineering expertise but periodically needs additional CAD resources.  You are not restricted by the confines of your town or city, and you can access remarkable CAD talent from all over the world.  You can tap into superb skills through outsourcing that you may find elusive when hiring a full-time local engineer.  However, not every business owner or company manager has the time, finances, or know-how to seek out and contact CAD engineers from half-way around the world.  That is where a managed outsource CAD solutions provider comes in to find and hire talented professionals so when your company needs CAD engineers for peak load or special projects, you know right where to look.


Advantages of Outsourcing


The most compelling advantage of outsourcing a portion of your company’s CAD engineering needs is that it is a cost-effective solution.  Costs are incurred only when you are using the service.  There are many duties that a company must address when it has employees.  The company has an ongoing responsibility to their workers, which is often costly.  For example, a company has the obligation of providing their employees with a specific amount of work each week.   There may also be obligations to provide your employees with health benefits, overtime, holiday pay, paid sick days, or other incentives.  These full time employment related costs can be a financial drain; especially if related personnel are not 100% loaded with revenue generating work.

Managed outsourcing is popular with companies that have a core of key employees who can use CAD outsourcing to leverage productivity and complete special projects or tasks.

Fewer Worries

The second advantage of CAD outsourcing is that there are fewer worries involved as compared to hiring company employees.  When you establish a relationship with a company that specializes in providing CAD engineers to small and medium sized business, several time-consuming duties are provided by the company for you.  You will not have to recruit or search for employees or conduct time consuming interviews with prospective hires.  A managed outsource CAD provider has already spent a great amount of money finding talented CAD engineers, tested each candidate to determine their skills, checked backgrounds to verify credentials, and chosen the best of the group.

Scheduling is no longer your worry.  Once you email or call the outsource CAD provider and describe your project or needs, they will take over and determine which CAD engineers are right for your project and if they are available to complete your project within the time frame specified.  They may also have the resources to schedule several employees if you have a large project that has to be completed in a short time frame.  Of course, it is always best to start a managed CAD relationship with a small project and allow time to establish good communication and evaluate the quality of work.

Administrative Details

Another issue handled by a managed CAD provider is the paperwork and tax responsibilities that go along with hiring and maintaining employees (time cards, payroll reporting, annual filings).  The managed CAD provider is a single vendor, generally invoicing for services on an agreed upon schedule.  Typically, an invoice will include details of the work performed and you have an opportunity to review it before payment is made.

One of the hardest aspects of hiring someone is if you eventually have to fire them.  Many managers and business owners dread having to tell someone that their services are no longer needed by the company.   However, the financial cost and toll on employee morale resulting when an employee is not producing at the expected level can be devastating.  Good engineers resent having to pull the weight of an underperforming co-worker; or worse, having to correct their mistakes.  Working conditions like these can drive away your top engineering talent.  When you use the services of a managed outsourcing company, you no longer have to worry about these issues.  If the work is not up to the agreed standard, you notify the company and it is their job to fix it.  If the assigned CAD engineer did not finish their work or failed to complete the project requirements satisfactorily, a reputable provider will schedule another engineer to complete the project, often at no additional charge to you.


One final aspect of using managed outsourced CAD is that the services can be used when you need them, no more and no less.  If you need one engineer for one project or four engineers for another project, the effort to engage them is the same for you. You have only a single call or email to the provider and they go to work assembling the team for your project.

To sum it all up, there are many advantages when it comes to leveraging your in-house engineering talent with managed outsourced CAD engineers.  It can provide small and medium sized companies with the resources traditionally available only to large, multi-national corporations.   It offers the flexibility to match your required resource to your project and budget.


3D Modeling Services for Product Development

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Design environments for mechanical CAD are now automated to lessen the time that designers use to do their tasks. Drawings and design concepts are bases for making 3D animation, 3D graphic, 3D background, or 3D logo design. Currently, 3D modeling is widely in use with CAD. CAD design involves 3D mechanical animation models, which are some techniques that are more preferable than others in 3D modeling. 3D design CAD experts use SolidWorks for 3D modeling. Design engineers convert 2D mechanical designs to 3D models and animate, and they follow drawing standards. In product development, 3D modeling services offer working models of products that designers are developing.

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