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Design Table Automation


Design Tables in SolidWorks are powered using Microsoft Excel. With Design Tables and Excel, it is possible to manipulate:

Parts only

i. Feature state

i. Configuration of Split Part

ii. Properties

iii. Dimension Values

iv. Model color

Assemblies only

i. Component state

ii. Mate state

iii. Referenced Configuration

iv. Expand in BOM

v. Display State

vi. Assembly feature state (cuts)

General Parts and Assemblies

i. Dimension values

ii. Tolerance type

iii. BOM part number

iv. Configuration specific properties

v. Model color

vi. Linear and Radial Pattern Spacing and instances

Advanced Parts and Assemblies

i. Derived Configurations

ii. Lighting state

iii. Equation state

iv. Sketch relationship state

v. Mass properties

vi. Center of gravity


Create Model


Edit names of Features, dims and Mates

Insert Design Table and add affected Names, features, Dim and Mates


*You can choose auto-create and select properties that we will include in design table. You can also add it later inside the table

Create and isolate workable table

*Note that you can open the design table in MS Excel

Create Useful List and validate the data

Create useful equation/ formula


Hide all except for Workable table

Save and close the design table

Open the design table and change the data

Close the design table and update


Close the design table and update


Blog - CAD Services

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