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3DVIA TV: Texturing Fundamentals

One of the best ways to create realistic 3D models is by incorporating good textures. Textures can make a model more realistic, by adding details which would be impossible as part of the geometry. This is a tutorial on the basics of texture mapping.

This video details the texturing functions within 3DVIA Shape, but these fundamentals could be used within all 3D modeling applications.

Cliff aquires some help in this video from one of our favorite user submitted (textured) models: Texturesaurus-Rex.

Check out the Video and try it now!


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3DVIA Top 10 models – 043

The best models uploaded to during the week of Saturday, August 22nd through Friday, August 28th are highlighted here. We’re getting closer to finishing out a full year of Top 10 posts and the models just keep getting better and better as the competition heats up! Keep it going!

In case your attention span is extremely limited, you can watch the following video in 29 seconds and see all the included models before you forget what you’re doing. :)

Full link:


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3DVIA Mobile’s Explosive launch and Challenge continues!

3DVIA Mobile has taken the world by storm! Thousands of installs followed last weeks launch and thousands on thousands of models have been downloaded so far on mobile phones around the world! 3DVIA Mobile and the 3DVIA Mobile Challenge are now on their second week, so check out what all the buzz is about, and for all of you just jumping on the band wagon, check out the Challenge! Take a picture, add a model and submit! It’s that easy to win!

Join thousands of friends on your mobile phone and take part of the Challenge!


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The Doctor of 3D Models is "IN"

I went to see Dr. Polycount, THE Doctor of 3D Models. I needed some expert advice on how to clean up my 3D models, to make them smaller, cleaner, and more efficient. With advanced computing power, and internet speeds, we still need our 3D models is their top shape when used on the web and real-time environments (i.e. gaming). Dr. Polycount goes over five common problems with my models, and the cures. 3D modelers of all levels can benefit from Dr. Polycount’s advice in this video.

See how you too can pass the Doctors Checkup!

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3DVIA and 3DVIA Product Groups

3DVIA is a “brand of Dassault Systèmes that was founded to extend their high-end 3D graphics capabilities to new markets including consumers.” The 3DVIA umbrella is composed of different product groups.

The company offers the following products:

  • 3DVIA Shape – a free modeling application
  • Microsoft Virtual Earth (Virtual Earth – 3DVIA) (together with Microsoft)
  • 3DVIA Composer product line (after the acquisition of Seemage) – for 3D technical documentations
  • (together with Publicis Groupe) – for co-creating new products and services
  • 3DVIA Studio – a comprehensive development platform with a realistic time-rendering engine

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