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Graphic Design and 3D Catalogs


Graphic design is a “form of fine art that uses text and images creatively to communicate and present information.” Graphic design refers to a “number of artistic and professional disciplines which focus on visual communication and presentation.” The artistic capabilities of humans have been displayed for many centuries. We have recognized the fact that an artistically made object draws responses and attention from viewers. A good graphic design is one that is able to induce emotions, convey feelings, and transfer knowledge easily. Good designs enable us to easily read signs and schematics that we usually see around us. This fact has been recognized as an important aspect in advertising products to attract more customers and be able to sell goods and services. Because of this, graphic design is now a multi-million dollar industry. Graphic design has also been used in innovations in modern industrial technology.

Another clever idea to promote products is by the use of 3D catalogs. They are marketing tools to impress prospective customers and make them try your products. It might make them come back again because of the good quality of your work. If you produce products of high quality, it will be very helpful if you are able to advertise them in an attractive way and artistic way. It would be a waste of your efforts if no one gives interest to what you do. Aside from using printed materials for your advertisements, it would also be very helpful for you to explore the advantages that 3D catalog and 3D animation can do to achieve maximum impact to the attention of your customers.

A convenient way for developing multimedia contents, technical illustrations, interactive 3D animations, and many more is 3DVIA. It provides an “interactive development of technical documentation on the basis of engineering CAD-models of products.” It is composed of features and functionalities that appeal to a variety of users. It enables them to create technical documents and 2D and 3D materials. 3DVIA is very useful in sales, in marketing, in maintenance and repair, and in other areas and aspects of company processes. It increases visibility and product quality because of its features such as the ability to create technical illustrations, videos, and interactive 3D materials. By using 3DVIA, a considerable amount of time and money is saved when changes are necessary for a product because it becomes easier to do reworks and make updates in the product documentation.

An old adage states that a picture is worth a thousand words. Then how much more words, feelings, and emotions can a 3D catalog convey? Animations are the “visual answers to why and how.” They clearly show things that are hard to demonstrate in real life.



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